4 Simple Steps To Improve Your Email Marketing Success

  1. Segmentation
  2. Personalisation
  3. Keep the conversation going – Don’t just email when you want something (sales)
  4. Don’t try and sell before the prospect is ready – Warm them up

Be relevant

Segment your database into clear defined lists based on interests. This will see your open and click through rates go through the roof, whilst significantly reducing your unsubscribes, increasing lifetime value of that customer. It may sound great to send an email to 200k people, but if only 3k of these have a genuine interest then you have annoyed the other 197k. It would be much better to send this email to the 3k alone, as they are the only ones likely to open it.


  • Look at your data – Learn how you can segment it. Do you have order history, have you asked them what they are interested in?
  • Define your segments (interests)
  • Segment your data
  • Define email marketing campaigns based on these segments


Greet users by their first name, using personalisation functionality available in most email marketing systems. This can be achieved in both the subject line and email body. This normally takes the form Dear <<First_Name>>. Such personalisation has been categorically proven to significantly increase open and click through rates. This instantly improves the chances of conversions for your end goal by the law of averages.

Speak to each reader as if they are your only reader.

Keep the conversation going

Don’t just connect with your email marketing list when you want something, most likely a sale. Connect with them on a regular basis with great quality content. Sales messages become very boring, very quickly. Emails containing exciting news, light hearted fun updates, or good quality content such as infographics or social videos engage with the user in a way that will mean future sales lead emails will carry much more weight and chance of conversion.

Prep your list for the knockout punch!

When you do want to do a sales message, make sure their ready.

Sales marketing emails perform best as part of a drip feed campaign. When a user signs up to your list, dont just hit them hard and quick with a sales message hoping to make a quick buck. Warm them up, make use of marketing automation. Feed each new sign up into a cycle. A typical cycle for a SASS solution can be seen below:


  • 1 day after sign up – Welcome email
  • 5 days after sign up – Benefits explanation
  • 9 days after sign up – Testimonial’s
  • 14 days after sign up – Offer