Adwords Quality Score Explained

10/10 Quality Score – The holy grail of PPC

If have ever embarked on learning the art  science of PPC, or if your a PPC professional just starting out, then you will no doubt have heard of the importance of Adwords Quality Score. Google themselves have confirmed that quality score is the number 1 factor in deciding which PPC ads are shown. A healthy quality score can dictate the ad position, cost per click and click through rate of the ad copy. 

What is Quality Score?

Quality score is Google’s way of ensuring relevance. Google’s aim is to make the internet a better place, more user friendly and easier to find exactly what you are looking for. Here’s where Quality Score counts. Quality score is the combination of ad copy relevance, expected click through rate, and landing page relevance. Let’s think about that, if my ad copy is highly relevant to my keyword, and my landing page is highly relevant to both my keyword and what’s described in my ad copy, then the chances of the click through converting are much higher too, right? Right.

How can I improve my Quality Score?

To reap the benefits of a high quality score, extra attention must be given to the ad copy and landing page. The keywords you are bidding on should form part of a good keyword density ratio for your landing page. If you are bidding on the keyword “LED garden light”, the keyword “LED garden light” should appear in your ad title, ad copy and landing page with a density of 3-4%. Image alt tags on that landing page should also be focussed on the main keyword utilising that page.

Top Tip : If your advertising an offer, such as 80% off LED garden lights. Ensure the 80% off is also included in the landing page. This shows Google that page is relevant to the ad, and also relevant to the keyword, so you should be rewarded for this relevance with a higher ad position and lower cost per click. The higher ad position also naturally delivers a higher click through rate, which in turn feeds quality score itself, with the expected CTR being a component of Quality Score criteria.

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