Paid Social, Display, Search & SEO

Crossover for work is a US based startup with government backing. Crossover connects the top 1% of talent with fortune 500 companies. We worked with Crossover from launch to sign up highly skilled it, professionals. These professionals were then screened and used as remote workers for fortune 500 companies.

Large budgets for big targets

Challenge And Solutions

Crossover’s KPI was over 10k sign-ups per month from paid search, social & display. We also had KPI for target keywords to get job posts on their website ranking in global search engines. Most of their talented IT professionals came from South America and BRIC countries due to the wage differences. This meant multi-regional accounts and campaigns across all paid mediums. Each country’s paid search account, for example, had over 100 campaigns and 3000 ad groups.

Utilising the large budget meant daily optimization sprints to due to the large volume of data coming back. At any given time one of the target countries was in their peak working day meaning the optimization could never stop.


During our time working with crossover, we generated over 60k sign-ups from online marketing channels. Our campaigns were spending over $150k per month and had a cost per acquisition which was 1/4 the cost of other inbound channels.

10,300 completed sign ups per month
1/4 CPA vs other channels
Over $150k in spend managed each month