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Exact Match Google Ads arent Exact anymore

Google’s exact match keyword targeting used to mean one thing: the keyword had to match exactly whatever query the searcher used. If you were targetting [cheap hoovers] then your ad wouldn’t show for anything that wasn’t the exact words [cheap hoovers] in that order, with no words bef...
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Are you ready for Christmas, digitally?

With the Christmas break nearing ever closer, alot of companies running PPC campaigns internally or with agencies will find themselves wondering what to do. Do we keep the campaigns running and respond when back in the office? If we do this will the leads be cold by then? Do we pause the campaigns? ...
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Adwords Quality Score Explained

10/10 Quality Score – The holy grail of PPC If have ever embarked on learning the art  science of PPC, or if your a PPC professional just starting out, then you will no doubt have heard of the importance of Adwords Quality Score. Google themselves have confirmed that quality score is the numb...
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