Content Marketing Techniques That Generate More Leads

Generating more leads is always a top priority for every business. But lead generation isn’t a piece of cake. Statistics show that over 80% of marketers say that their lead generation efforts are slightly or somewhat effective.

If generating leads is your business’s biggest challenge, take a deep breath and relax – because I’m about to show you how you can generate leads with high-quality content.

No, blogging isn’t just enough.

Following are the best content marketing techniques that will help you generate qualified leads.


Guest Blog

This might seem too mainstream but here is the truth.

When done right, guest blogging works.

Bryan Harris generated 215 subscribers from a single guest post on Okdork.

Leo Widrich, the co-founder of Buffer, used guest blogging to take his site from zero to 100K customers in 9 months with 150 guest posts.

Gregory Ciotti used guest blogging that helped HelpScout add whopping 36K subscribers in as low as 14 months.

Yes, it does work.

And if it isn’t working for you, you aren’t doing guest blogging the right way. Here is how you can use guest blogging to generate qualified leads for your business.

Step #1: Find popular authority blogs in your niche that get decent traffic every single day. Domain Authority (DA) is a poor indicator of authority rather look for organic traffic. The more traffic a blog gets, the better it is.

Step #2: Contact blog owners with a pitch. Keep it great so they cannot ignore your email.

Step #3: Create awesome content. Make every guest post your best one.

Step #4: Create a lead magnet, a supporting landing page, and hook it with your autoresponder.

Step #5: Create a powerful CTA and link to your landing page.

Step #4 is the most crucial one. You don’t have to link to a blog post or your website from a guest post instead link to a lead magnet. That’s how you’ll generate leads with every guest post you publish.

Here is an example. See how intelligently Ofei is linking to a lead magnet instead of sending people to his website.

lead magnet example


Every guest post should have a lead magnet with a powerful CTA if you wish to generate leads.


Write an eBook

When was the last time your business used an eBook to capture qualified leads?

Let me guess, a year?

If there is one content marketing technique that will grow exponentially in coming years, it is eBook. Here is why.

Total eBook readers in the US are expected to reach a whopping 112 million by 2020. The revenue from eBooks is expected to reach $8.7 billion in 2018.

You can create an eBook on any topic that’s related to your business, promote it via a unique landing page, and generate qualified leads.

A free eBook like this is something that your audience will love, right?

free eBook example

You don’t have to sell your eBook instead you have to give it away for free. That’s how you’ll build your list. Once you have the eBook ready, a customized landing page will help you push subscribers to your sales funnel.

customized landing page

Case Studies

Statistics show that case studies are the third most effective B2B content marketing technique.

effective B2B content marketing technique

Marketers in the UK rated case studies has the fifth most important content marketing tactic while 63% of UK marketers believe that case studies is an effective marketing tactic.


Because case studies provide readers with solutions. This is what your audience loves.

Think with Google uses several case studies on its page to show visitors how different brands are using their marketing resources and consumer insights.

Think with Google


Your case study should:

  • Identify a problem your target audience is facing
  • Show how your product, brand, or service solves the problem
  • Use testimonials from real consumers
  • Have evidence (statistical) of how your product/service helped achieved it

Create a landing page to give away the case study.

case study landing page


The idea isn’t to simply create a case study but you have to promote it. A case study that is sitting on your website won’t be of much help. Market it. Share it with your target audience.

You can use your case study as a lead magnet in your guest posts. This will help you generate extremely qualified leads.


There are several content marketing techniques to generate leads. You have to understand and identify the best tactic for your business. There is, unfortunately, no quick way to identify the best lead generation technique for your business.

It all comes down to testing and tweaking.