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Display advertising allows you to connect with your target customers. Depending on the pricing model, your impressions are normally free, and you only pay for clicks. This means thousands of potential customers can see your ads and learn something about your brand for free. With a well crafted display campaign, the clicks you do pay for will be laser targeted, giving them the highest chance of becoming a sales/lead.


Display advertising has literally hundreds of targeting options. Some businesses get giddy when they see their ad on a well-established website like the Guardian or Independent. What you need to as yourself is this. Is this where my ad should be? Are my potential customer’s visitors of this website?

Many agencies use a scattergun approach. Throw it at the wall and see what sticks. We don’t, we’re a Google ¬†partner agency and utilise the Google Display Network and double click to deliver laser targetted display campaigns that deliver ROI. Every decision is data backed and we work with you to prove the ROI, integrating the data to your CRM system where possible.

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Display Remarketing

Display remarketing is a great tool which can be used to generate brand awareness or re-encourage people to take a direct action.

Display remarketing is super effective. It’s now easy to set up but hard to use accurately. Simply put, display remarketing is a way of re-engaging people who visited your site. You can set logic based criteria to engage them in such a way to drive an action. One example would be to serve a specific ad to people who went to the contact us page but did not complete the form. Display remarketing is a perfect way to give your potential customers the extra push they need to convert.


We work on a time & materials basis. You only pay for the time we put in.

At Clickfluence, we bill based on time. The percentage of ad spend model is unfair for brands that have high monthly paid media spend. With our pricing model, we promise to be able to significantly lower your management fee’s based on efficiency, expert knowledge and lower than average hourly rates.

Our hourly rate is £65 plus VAT

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