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Let's be honest, CRM projects fail, often!

The one's that do not fail typically do not suceed inline with the initial expecation. That's where we come in...

Why do they fail?

  • Poor Objectives – A lack of clear and measurable goals results in an aimless project, questionable completion and fictitious ROI.
  • Poor Strategy – Your CRM strategy should engineer customer facing outcomes that align and support the company’s business strategy. You need to fully understand what CRM can and can’t do in order to succesfully use it to develop a strategy that benefits the business strategy.
  • Poor User Adoptation – CRM must be a company wide effort that starts with customer strategies which are then automated with application software.
  • Approaching CRM as a Technology (Only) Solution – One of the most common causes of CRM failure is to approach CRM strategy as a software project. Too many adopters have the IT department install the system, get it running and then wonder why the strategic benefits fail to be realized.

What do we do?

Understand Your Business
Set CRM Objectives
Create Your CRM Strategy
Work With Staff To Implement & Execute
Automate The Boring Stuff
Improve Stake Holder Buy In
Show You The CRM Opportunities You Are Missing
Improve Internal & Customer Processes
Deliver a database growth strategy

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