Google Launches Search Analytics – How to use this new feature

If your waking up this morning and heading over to Google Webmaster tools then one area in particular may seem a little different. Today, Google launched an update to webmaster tools search queries in the shape of search analytics. Search analytics contains all the raw data of search queries, but with some pretty nifty filtering options to help you really drill down into that data and make sense of it. 

Google Search Analytics


Search Analytics also demonstrates Google’s continued dedication to mobile, allowing you to filter keywords by device type and also compare data. For example, the keyword “Mobilegeddon” only became popular in the last month or so. Now, with Google Search Analytics you can compare the traffic headed to your website for this keyword per device, per time frame and even per country. I’m sure we could all bet that the majority of these searches were coming from a desktop, scared for their future, if thats you, did I mention JRC offer award winning web design?

Brand v Non Brand

Another neat feature of the new Search Analytics is the ability to compare non brand and brand keywords, whilst filtering on lots of different variants.

To do this, head to Queries > Compare Queries > enter two query terms to compare

Identify traffic from web, video and images

One of the sparkling new features is the ability to drill into traffic that resulted from an image or video search vs a web search. This will give you valuable SEO insight into your image optimisation and meta information and alt tags. For one of my web design clients this morning I can already see they get little to no traffic from image searches, for a fairly large brand, it’s clear that they will need to work on this aspect when uploading content to the finalised site. (Note to self: Train client on image seo optimisation in demonstration).

Google’s Search Analytics is a step closer to providing a feature missing from google analytics for organic search, the filtering available really allows for great insight to be gained right off the bat. Why not head over to Webmaster tools and see what golden nugget you can find.