How to increase your organic search click through rates (CTR)

Using structured data mark up

There has been much speculation around that the CTR of organic search results can be improved through the proper utilisation of structured data mark up. Structure data mark up, utilising SCHEMA can effect the look of a search result. In a sea full of similar looking results, this differentiation obviously appeals to the eyes and as case studies have proven, can dramatically increase CTR by up to 30%.

What does structured data look like?


Schema markup helps your website rank better for all kinds of content types. There is data markup for…

  • Articles
  • Local businesses
  • Restaurants
  • TV episodes and ratings
  • Book Reviews
  • Movies
  • Software Applications
  • Events
  • Products

Here is another example of Schema data utilising events.


What is Schema mark up used for?

Schema mark up was invented for users. To give more information about a site, before you click on to it. This works in both a positive and negative way, but the main aim is to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the users search, reducing wasted time visiting websites that do not give them the information they need. If your website is relevant to their search term, then well implemented schema markup will demonstrate this to the user, utilising the extra front page real estate offered in terms of presence (height and width) of your SERP vs others who have not utilised schema mark up.

How do I implement Schema markup?

Google has kindly developed a handy little tool for this. Use Googles Markup Tool.

Simply select the type of data you wish to mark up and navigate to your web url. You will then fulfill a mapping process, mapping the text you highlight to the schema mark up information it reflects, within a few minutes you will have all this information filled out. You will then have some HTML code generated for you, which you simply need to implement on your website. You can then utilise Google Webmaster Tools to help test your mark up.


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