Email Marketing Guide By JRC Marketing

Email Marketing – The ultimate guide!

We have some exciting news. We are currently in the process of completing our ultimate guide to email marketing and we want to share it with you! This guide contains everything there is to know and will benefit any one thinking of using email marketing or looking to improve on the way they currently do. We will be releasing this guide in a multi part series of emails which you can receive every 3 days. The ultimate guide to email marketing contains the following content:

  • What is email marketing? How can it benefit me and why should i use it?
  • How do i build a targeted list? – A run down of how to build a targeted list, how to use double opt in, and once you have a list, how to continually add to it and minimise unsubscribes
  • Which provider is right for me? – We look at all the popular providers in the market and compare costs and functionality
  • Creating your first email marketing campaign? – A look over what works and what does not in email marketing, a guide to mobile responsiveness and best practice
  • Analysing email marketing results – What do they mean, how can they tell me what to improve?
  • Email marketing split testing – How to get the most out of email marketing in every send

If you would like to receive this ultimate guide for email marketers then simply sign up below.

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