What you should look for in a marketing agency?

Choosing the right marketing agency is a daunting task. Deciding which company to trust with thousands of pounds worth of your advertising budget each month is scary.

  • Will you choose the right one?
  • Will they spend it correctly?
  • Will they optimise all the chancels thoroughly and increase budgets in well performing areas and reduce them for poor performing areas?

The answers to these questions are relatively unknown when you begin dialogue with an agency, only after you begin working together will you truly understand the above. There are however, several things you can look out for in your selection process to ensure that your giving yourself the optimum chance of success when choosing an agency. 

Check their track record

Ask them about their current and past clients. What achievements have they had when working with them. Asking for references from 2-3 of their current or past clients is also advisable.

Give them a scenario to work with

 Rather than listening to the sales pitch of the services they offer, ask them to demonstrate how they would deal with a certain scenario. An example scenario is below:

Google Analytics suggests that overnight organic search traffic has decreased by 50%, what would be your first steps and how would you look to fix this?

Our Adwords are under performing against their target CPA’s, what would be your next steps to improve them. If these failed, where would you look next?

If you want the answers to these questions then email us and we will be happy to provide them so you can compare them with the prospective agency responses.

Set targets and ask them to comment on how realistic they believe they are in the competitive landscape.

Don’t enter into an agreement hoping for the best. Your only going to be unhappy if they dont meet your expectations or targets, so, tell them your expectations or targets in advance. Good response signs from top rated agencies can be seen below.

Good response signs:

  • The agency will ask more questions if your targets are hard to understand
  • If the targets are achievable, the agency will confirm they are happy to work with these targets and a great agency will suggest improving them as they may be too low.
  • If the targets are too high, a great agency will be upfront and honest, managing your expectations and coming back some more realistic targets.

Bad response signs:

  • “Yep we can do this”

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