PPC is one of the most effective forms of digital advertising

PPC is a fantastic way to increase traffic and drive conversions. Results are easily trackable and changes can be applied in seconds. PPC allows you to cherry pick the keywords you pay for, meaning, with the right know-how, you can only pay for the keywords most likely to deliver revenue to your business.

PPC is often confused with Google Adwords. PPC is the pricing model for advertising and actually applied across paid search, display, video and shopping campaigns.

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Bing Ads
Google Shopping
Google Ads
Bing Shopping
Bing Shopping
Google Shopping
Google Shopping
The Clickfluence service

Clickfluence is a data-driven marketing agency. The best PPC campaigns run based on data-backed decisions. This is why we are a Google Partner agency.

We always start by having a face to face conversation. Here we establish what you are looking to achieve and we set KPI’s that we are working towards to enable your business to prove ROI.

When we take over an account, we often start by rebuilding it. The correct account structure is vitally important for sustainable growth at the lowest cost per click price. Paid search is all about relevance, a granular account structure promotes relevance.

Why choose Clickfluence?

Google Partner

We’re a premier Google Partner, every Clickfluence team member is Adwords & Analytics Certified.

ROI Focussed

We help you confirm ROI. We’ve been known to build PPC – CRM integrations on a whim to make our clients lives easier.

Fixed Fees

Our fees are fixed at  £65 per hour. We don’t charge on a percentage of ad spend. This aligns our goals with yours, to get maximum return from minimum spend.

Transparent Solutions

Our approach is 100% bespoke, providing fully transparent reports, accessible at any time for all our clients

FREE audit with one of our Google qualified PPC experts

Ask one of our Google/Bing qualified team to create an actionable report of the performance of your account.

Our specialist Clickfluence team can offer some useful tips for your campaigns and can project the potential revenue improvements based on the improvements.

Over 30 leads per month at less than half the usual CPA