Pay Per Click Campaigns: Getting It Right the First Time So You Don’t Waste Advertising £

pay per click

When you run a strong pay per click (PPC) campaign, your business will profit from your efforts. If a campaign is run badly, you’ll end up losing plenty of advertising dollars for no return on your investment. You’ll need to develop content that mirrors your landing pages and ads that will meet the objectives of your company. As you plan your PPC campaign, you have to ask yourself a number of relevant questions before you begin publishing your ads.

Is Your Site Ready for Viewing on Mobile Devices?

To run a successful PPC campaign, you need to understand that your customers are most likely viewing your content on their mobile devices, so your website has to be ready to handle mobile traffic. Your content also needs to be optimized for use on smart phones and tablets; it should be easy to read and include a clear call to action that is easy to click, even on a small mobile device.

Have You Done Testing to See What Content Works?

If there’s anything constant about the ads in a PPC campaign, it’s that they are always changing. When you find an ad is gaining traction, you can do A/B testing to see if you can tweak the ad even further to become more successful. Change a few words of your new ad, and compare the results to that of the successful ad. If your new ad performs better, replace the first ad with the new one.

How are You Going to Communicate with Potential Leads?

When you spark interest in your business through a PPC campaign, you have to figure out how you are going to continue to nurture these leads. One of the most effective ways of staying in contact with potential customers is to develop an opt-in texting campaign, wherein your customers may sign up to receive texts from your company. This will allow you to grow a database of potential customers to whom you can send marketing materials through text messages. It is also possible to generate email lists and communicate with customers that way, but email is not as effective as straight text messages.

Is Your Bid High Enough for Conversions?

Your PPC campaign depends on the amount of money you are willing to pay for a click through to your website. You set the maximum amount in the hopes of gaining a popular spot in search results. Take a careful look at what you are paying per click, and make sure you aren’t spending too much. If your bid is too low, but a higher bid will kill your profits, you have to research long-tail keywords in an effort to show up on valid search results without having to pay too much money.

Are Your Landing Pages Optimized for Organic Traffic?

While your PPC campaign focuses on paying for traffic to your landing pages, there’s no reason you can’t optimize your landing pages for organic reach as well. When you are creating great content, you want to make sure it’s easy for your readers to share on social media. The more you can get customers to share links to your landing pages, the more traffic your website will get that you don’t have to pay for.

Establishing a successful PPC campaign is done by researching your keywords, optimizing your content for use on mobile devices, and constantly looking over your ads to see what is working. When you take the time to tweak your ads, you will see results in your overall sales.