Are you ready for Christmas, digitally?

With the Christmas break nearing ever closer, alot of companies running PPC campaigns internally or with agencies will find themselves wondering what to do. Do we keep the campaigns running and respond when back in the office? If we do this will the leads be cold by then? Do we pause the campaigns? But what if a great lead is primed and ready and we miss it out because we paused our campaigns?

Needless to say, there are a lot of possibilities. Hopefully, we can help, with a few simple questions to ask yourself when making this decision.

Are you an E-Commerce retailer?

If you are an e-commerce retailer, Christmas and the spending power of consumers that comes with it means that this is a market place you should¬†be in. PPC competition may increase, and so may your cost per click, however, if you manage your campaigns well, make them bespoke to the time of year and utilise dedicated landing pages for optimum quality score from your ad campaigns, then you should still be able to stick well within, or even well below your CPA. This period also marks the optimum time to significantly increase budgets for PPC activity for E-commerce retailers, whilst at the same time tightening up campaigns and ad groups that have higher CPA’s so as the additional funds can work harder on the lower CPA campaigns with the knowledge there is a larger audience to fall into these campaigns at this time of year.

If your not an eCommerce retailer and rely on lead generation, will your sales teams be working over the break?

If the answer is yes, then great, business as usual, leads will typically be lower due to the rest of the working population being out the office, but this will be reflected in lower clicks, meaning less budget used making it all relative. If the answer is no, then you need to assess the products/services you are offering. Are these impulse purchases, in which case the lead will be cold by the time your back. Or, are you offering slow burning quotations which usually take months to complete, in which case the leads will still be warm on your return.

Impulse Purchase – Turn Off

Quick Reaction (emergency plumber, electrician etc) – Turn Off (unless you working over the festive period)

Slow Burn Quote – Leave running

Information gathering – Leave running