Link Building (SEO) – 5 Top Tactics To Use For Marketing Managers

Link Building Tactics

1. Link Roundups – Summary articles of good quality content from the web

Link roundups are a list of curated blog posts from around the web, normally done weekly or monthly. Your job is to produce a great piece of quality content, find a high domain authority website that creates link roundup style posts and generate a great email pitch as to why yours should be included.

Link roundups usually include titles such as:

“Top Adwords posts this week”

“Digital Marketing Monthly Roundup”

“Top SEO posts today”

How do I find them? 

Use google’s advanced operators. Like intitle: roundup “SEO”



How do I get my link on their website?

  • Find their contact email
  • Create your email pitch template
  • Email them


Since they are looking for content already, your saving them time and helping them produce good content of their own, it’s a no brainer!

2. Broken Link Building

You would hate to send your visitors to a broken “404” page, so would other websites. Well, broken link building is the process of finding these broken links on relevant high domain authority websites. Then, informing the webmaster that sadly, there is a broken link, but not to worry, you have a great piece of similar content to replace it to minimise the work required on their part.

3. Blog Commenting

Now, if you own a WordPress site, your probably thinking blog comments are always spam. Well, they are not!

In fact, they can be one of the best growth hackers out there! Most high domain authority blogs that allow comments with links will have an approval process. So, blog comments promoting similar, relevent, good quality content are most likely to be approved.

What does a blog comment opportunity look like?

Any website that publishes similar content to yours is an opportunity, you have similar audiences so a comment on their blog could direct their traffic to your website. With blog commenting for SEO, dont use a standardised template, these are all to easy to see through. Craft well thought out comments specific to the content of the post for the best chance of approval.

How do I find blog comment opportunities?


How do I get my link on there?

Write a short well crafted comment including a link to the content you wish to promote.

Then, repeat!

4. Create an Infographic and outreach

Infographics curate content and aggregate them into image form, they’re well known for being an easy way to consume hard data, which is why many blog posts love using them.

You can use infographics in two main ways:

  1. Submission to infographic websites
  2. Outreaching and pitching your infographic as a guest blog post

How do I find infographic submission opportunities?



How do I get my link?

Simply submit your infographic being sure to link back to your website

5. Do Better!

This one is great! Use BuzzSumo or Ahrefs and find a piece of content with a shed load of social shares. Then, review that content, take it all in. Go away and produce a better version of that content.

  1. Find a piece of content that has a ton of links
  2. Create a better version of it.
  3. Alert the sites linking to it that you’ve built a “better mousetrap”.

Once you have created your new content, find the webmasters contact information and send your outreach email notifying them of the new and improved version you just created!

That’s it! 5 simply but highly effective link building tactics to deploy for your business this year. Alternatively of course, you could contact us to talk about our seo services.