WordPress releases plugin to support Facebook instant articles


Facebook will soon launch Facebook instant articles in April, with this announcement WordPress has prepared itself by partnering with Facebook to make a wordpress plugin which will transform wordpress content into Facebook instant articles.

The plugin is currently available on github as an open source project, although it will soon feature in the wordpress plugin directory once offically released. This plugin provides a great tool for businesses operating a wordpress website or blog looking to utilise Facebook instant articles.

If your not sure what Facebook instant articles are, let us explain. As of April 12th, Facebook will allow anyone to become a Facebook publisher, hosting content directly on Facebook. This allows publishers to use Facebook as their publishing media, with feature rich content and super quick load times. Businesses such as New York Times, Buzzfeed and BBC News have been using the product thus far. Facebook is aware that the Facebook user experience is dampened when they have to wait for interesting content to load from a third party site, hence, they allow the content to be hosted on Facebook itself.

Will you be looking to take advantage of Facebook Instant Articles?